In the vast majority of media reporters

In the vast majority of media reporters, Ferguson is a very terrible person Charlie Lindgren Jersey, the Scottish old man is always able to perfect with the power of the media, to achieve their own goals. In the second half of Manchester United, Ferguson refused to convene a press conference after the game; and because the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in 2004 produced a documentary to question his son's business activities Howie Morenz Jersey, the Jazz even in up to 7 years and The British mainstream media is always in the "state of war". For those football journalists, the existence of Ferguson so that their work, life becomes very difficult, the Manchester United masters coach can always be in need when the use of those media practitioners.With the passage of time, Wenger's attitude towards the media, and Ferguson more and more similar. At the time of Arsenal's training base in Kearney in London, Wenger was always a smiling reporter's question; but over the years, the time limit for the press conference was very harsh. To be sure, Wenger is now more and more difficult to deal with, and whenever the reporter asked his career future problems, the professor always responded with a contemptuous tone Shea Weber Jersey.Looking back at the game, Herrera said: "It was the perfect ending of a season, we controlled the game, we brought another championship for the club honor room. I am very pleased to be rated as the best of the audience, but honestly , I think we all players are worthy of the best audience, because football is a collective movement Travis Moen Jersey, I do not believe in personal honor.

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