If Arsenal did not contract with Wenger

If Arsenal did not contract with Wenger, but with one of the beat, then they may find that the next team will face the situation, will not leave than Ferguson after years of Manchester United situation How much better. After leaving the Ferguson print, the Glazer family in the transfer market has spent 500 million pounds of real money, and has hired three head coach, but today, Manchester United is still far away from the Premier League trophy is very far away TheThat is since 6 years ago won the U21 European Cup Nathan Beaulieu Jersey, Herrera once again won the European championship. The Spanish midfielder said: "That memories were wonderful Mike Weaver Jersey." When asked who did not play in Manchester United this season, Herrera did not hesitate: "Our coach is a winner."Mourinho has always been accustomed to study the players, continue to press them, in order to extract the player's limit and maximum energy, some players failed to meet his request, but Herrera is clearly the opposite, in fact, from the beginning of the season Dustin Tokarski Jersey, Herrera and Mourinho have established a relationship of mutual trust."I learned from the start of the season that I would be an important part of the team and I had a meeting with Mourinho," he told me, if he had I will meet some of the requirements, I will be very important to him, and I do it.I know that the effectiveness of a big club like Manchester United will be very difficult Jacob De La Rose Jersey, and I play is 10, because you know that kick the location A lot of balls, so I think I have to improve my game performance, and I have to let the coach have more choices, and we all agree with that.

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