In the past 10 years

In the past 10 years, Arsenal has never won the Premier League championship, the gunmen have been from the original one of the two big giants of the Premiership, the fall of this now even the top four can not enter the team Mike Condon Jersey. Of course, the reason why Arsenal will continue to regress, is definitely not a responsibility of Wenger. As we all know, in recent years, Chelsea, Manchester City has emerged, the new Emirates Stadium to Arsenal debt, the US boss Karen Ke and do not want to inject money into the team ... ... In fact, these are important reasons for Arsenal sink.In general, Wenger's achievements in Arsenal are still unable to match the splendor created by Ferguson in Manchester United Max Pacioretty Jersey, and the biggest problem is that he can not bring the team a steady result like a jazz. Now it seems that even if it has signed a two-year contract with Arsenal Bob Gainey Jersey, even in the Emirates Stadium to do two years, I am afraid Wenger still can not be compared with Ferguson.Peerless arrogance of the era is still continuing, C Romance is still the best football superstar. C Robertson 1/4 final after 10 consecutive burst into the ball Charlie Lindgren Jersey, even cut Bayern horse game and Juventus three strong, the third time in the Champions League final history of unparalleled, is still the most decisive scorer, with double crown glory, Real Madrid 7 end of the year defending Golden Globe has no rivals. Messi 54 games and 54 games over the season, more than C Luo 12 balls, 37 league games, after a lapse of 4 years and then grab the European gold boots. Despite the defending league defeat, the Argentines are still outstanding performance, as "Marca" vote of the season's best player.

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Leicester City beat the champions won

Leicester City beat the champions won the Premiership championship is a football miracle, and this season the European stadium, the Champions League knockout history of the greatest reversal of the season 1/8 finals, Barcelona in the first leg 0-4 defeat Paris Of the desperate circumstances, the second round before the whistle of the last 8 minutes into 3 balls, magical 6-1 swept the French giants, staged an epic level comeback play Eric Tangradi Jersey. After another five hundred years, the Champions League may not be able to once again show the same magical script P. A. Parenteau Jersey.Last season, Premier League Herrera tackle and intercept the number of Manchester United is the highest in the array. "I hope that after a game, I will not complain about myself and know that I have done my best, that's why we always support my fans, that's why fans believe in my reason Bob Gainey Jersey," he said. Will continue to kick this way."This is the best season I played for Manchester United, but I hope I can do better, so I do not want to stop, I will continue to play, and continue to make progress, to ensure that Let our fans be proud, I want to continue to add new elements to my game, I will do so Shea Weber Jersey.

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